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 Optmeal - Calorie-controlled and macro-balanced meal subscription plan with a focus on the fitness community. You can start ordering OPTMEAL in a weekly basis to control your calories intake everyday. 
500 Kcal meal ( standard ) / 350 Kcal meal ( low carbs ) available

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OPTMEAL is exactly what it says on the tin – OPTimum MEALs. So we’re here to help you make the right decisions about food to create a leaner, trimmer you. With our weekly-changing menu of healthy snacks and meals, designed by our Cordon Bleu Chef, we’ll plan and serve up nutritious, delicious food to fuel your body.

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“Great service all the way! Optmeal is what power me the most throughout the day in my intensive Basketball training"

Sai Fei ( Professional Basketball Player ) 

Meet our team

We are a group of leader in the industry

Francis Hui

Serial Entrepreneur, Ceritifed Strength and Conditioning Specalist, Tech-geek 

Jason Leung

Chief Nutrition Advisor 
Trainer, Body transformer, Professional nutition consultant   

Ross Smith

Chief Culinary Advisor   
Head chef of Ma Maison, Cordon Bleu Chef, Over 30 years of culinary exp.

James Tse

Marketing Director
Football player, Food blogger, Marketer

Sub-brand of Ma Maison Hong Kong

Located at the heart of Tsim Sha Tsui, Ma Maison, which means “My home” in French, aims to provide both food lovers and our chefs with the greatest pleasure and satisfaction. Ma Maison has a cozy and private space with a well-equipped open kitchen for people to learn cooking, share culinary experience and enjoy food. Ma Maison specializes in providing and running tailor-made dining services and cooking activities. It possesses a strong culinary team whose members come from prestigious restaurants across the globe. Customers can choose from a great variety of cuisine – authentic American, Italian, Japanese, Australian, French, English and so on, all depending on their own taste.With the greatest support from all, Ma Maison has setup new branches at Tai Po and Tin Hau in 2016. We hope to continue enlarging our customer base in return of a better quality of products and services.